Monday, April 8, 2013

What We in the West Forget

Safety, running water, mass transit, a stable government, all the amenities the US has blessed us with, the commonality of two or three or four cars in a driveway. Every day we wake, we climb out of our comfy beds, our feet hit the steady wood or carpeted floor and we prepare ourselves for the struggles of the day. First block you have a test, second block you have to sit next to that kid who annoys the hell out of you, lunch is too loud,  you won't even leave school until maybe six thirty, and when you get home there is definitely a nice pile of homework to do after a long "family dinner" you are obligated to sit through. These troubles exhaust us. They eat at our western souls and bleed us of energy until our well trimmed heads hit the pillow at the grueling eleventh hour.

When our heads hit the pillow and our long, rough days have ended. There is a boy, a woman, a man, or some insignificant person on the other side of the globe who is shaken violently awake by a loud, ear-splitting whistle and bang. Their house shakes while mothers and fathers dive screaming for their children throwing their bodies above them in order to save their hope, to save their joy, to preserve their future. They wake up to this hell everyday.

Streets are littered with shattered cars, homes, dreams, futures, childhoods, and whatever else has been patched together to maintain even the faintest tatters of a society. This is the reward for the people's cry for freedom. This is the government's answer to the bleeding soldiers plea for equality and democracy. What is pictured above is the ruins of a movement that refuses to let up. We in the West forget that while we enjoy all the little things we take for granted there are millions who would not even include such things in their wildest dreams because when their eyes open they know it might be the last time they have that privilege. They hold on everyday to the most simple human pleasure-Life. The quality is excruciatingly low and sickeningly difficult. Yet, simply the blessing of having that is enough for them to swing their feet once more to the floor of debris and take up arms. Freedom is their simple request and we in the West have forgotten them. Our government is aware, yet action is unseen, and our people have forgotten entirely. The pace of media has captivated us with the next most popular news story while the fight for freedom rages on-unnoticed and relentless. 

You can help. We together have the resources. You may think you have nothing to give. You are thousands of miles away but there are two ways you can help: Inform others-make sure they are not forgotten and give any sum of money you can spare to aid humanitarian relief to refugees.

If you would be willing to give money or become more educated on the situation here is a helpful link:

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